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The Infinity Network runs a string of individual servers displayed together on this website, with this members can find out information immediately.


We love our community, and we hope that you join us, register up on our forums, check our fresh news and await to see amazing projects get updated frequently.


All our servers are high tech, having our servers located in USA, we make sure the servers are up to date, lag free and powerful! Check out our servers on the website!

Our Development Groups make our servers happen,we currently have the Mysidia Team, Network Staff and Server Staff!

Mysidia Creative Team

Managers of the Mysidia Build Team

Galactic Servers

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Chroma Hills

Come and check the adventure out! We have a huge 90K custom biome map to explore, hundreds of biomes you’ve never seen!

We support classic Factions and have many RPG experiences including our custom dungeons! Venture the main spawn, settled within ruined greek architecture with underground caverns of shops and information.

Join the ever-growing Chroma Hills server, founded by the Infinity Network & the creator of the Chroma Hills Texture Pack: SycloneSJS.

Purchase donator ranks & additional extras to help you on your journeys at buy.chromahills.net


We are an all round creative server, and as a community it is our wish to meet many new talented people to help us along side our journey.

It is our hopes to inspire others to join us and thrive in a positive environment and progress ourselves as a whole. It is absolutely free to join us, with no application needed.

Although, it is asked of you to read all of the signs that you are greeted with in the spawn area. We have simple rules that we ask you to follow. If you follow the rules you are guaranteed to have a good time on our servers.

Minecraft Legion

We can’t give out information about Minecraft Legion just yet, check back soon!

Chroma Hills

Download Minecraft's best texture pack.